Inventory: On Being A Certain Age

James Baldwin inspires me. I only wish I could write as well, be as honest as he, maintain my integrity as he. When one attains a certain age – notice I said “attains” and not “becomes” – many little events occur that signal great changes, transformations are about to descend.

Physically, I learned of new limitations concerning activities I enjoy doing. I adored dancing ’til the break of dawn in my favorite Tango shoes. Now, I adore being able to sleep past dawn! My days begin so early – they have been commencing this way for many a year. I don’t need an alarm clock to awaken me, no matter if we’ve “Sprung forward or Fallen backward.” I, like, the rooster, greet the dawn before it has a chance to greet me!

I read a lot more nonfiction than the fiction of pulp. I adore a good scholarly paper way more than the “M” is for Murder genre. I read while riding the bus or subway. I enjoy in-depth conversations whether my fellow conversationalist is “cutting his or her first teeth” or whether he or she has just obtained a new second set of teeth ’cause they managed to leave the first pair in a glass on the bathroom sink at their son’s/daughter’s/grand-kids’ house!

I can sit still now. That is a skill I had to cultivate. Sitting still has revealed to me the wonders I missed while flitting about like a bee from flower to flower. I have learned Nature has a voice. It speaks slowly and softly.

Mostly, though, attaining a certain age permits me the opportunity to reflect, to look back and to look forward. Indeed, the best is yet to come!


One thought on “Inventory: On Being A Certain Age”

  1. Great post! I understand well what is meant. Turning 70 this year I don´t want to be younger and miss all experience and knowledge coming from the years.
    I by the way had the priviledge to see Baldwin live when he presented “Amen Corner” at Hamburg University in the second half of the 60ies. To his book “The Fire Next Time” I owe the desire to write. See also:
    „My Big Thanks to a Giant of Literature: James Baldwin!“:

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