I, Introvert . . .

The first cup . . . .

With the day’s first cup of coffee already in hand, my thoughts turned to a conversation I had several years ago with Only One Son. We were discussing a pal of his. Only one son described his buddy as being Shy, to which I responded, “I can understand how he feels since I am Shy too!”

Only One Son, after giving me a look which I can only describe as being the look of total disbelief, says to me: “Mom, you are not shy!”

I responded, “Yes, son, I am shy.”

Only One Son replies: “Mom, how can you say that? First, the telephone is practically glued to your ear from sun up to sundown; second, you’re always on line chatting with several chat windows opened simultaneously; third, you write a blog which even my friends are following (Only One Son was referring to my first blogging “experience,” Dark’s Table); and fourth, you are a Court Reporter! So, no, Mom, you are not shy!

Could it be Only One Son was correct?  Have I been misusing the term, Shy, all these years? Of course, my first step was to head to an on-line dictionary to verify the meaning of the word, shy. So, away to Dictionary.com I went, where I was informed the word, shy, is defined as: 1. bashful; retiring; 2. easily frightened away; timid; 3. suspicious; distrustful; and 4. reluctant; wary.

Given the above definitions, it appears Only One Son is correct.  No, I am not shy. Off to the side of the principal definitions, the column of synonyms caught my eye, in particular, the term “introvert.”

Thus I set off on my quest to discover the difference between being “shy” and being “introverted.” About.com informs me:  Introverts tend to be more quiet, reserved and introspective. Unlike extroverts who gain energy from social interaction, introverts have to expend energy in social situations. After attending a party or spending time in a large group of people, introverts often feel a need to “recharge” by spending a period of time alone.  (http://psychology.about.com/od/trait-theories-personality/f/introversion.htm)

About.com further informs me of the common traits of the introverted personality, and it refers me to an excellent article written by Jonathan Rauch, entitled “Caring for Your Introvert,” (http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2003/03/caring-for-your-introvert/302696/#).

Like Mr. Rauch,  and Only One Son would agree, I am not shy.  I have great social skills, but I also need time “to be alone with my thoughts.”  As already pointed out by my observant Son, the phone is practically glued to my ear.  That is because I am engaged in long in-depth discussions with close pals about shared items of interest.  The same holds true with the multiple chat windows being opened at once! 🙂

I’ve been told I have given excellent presentations, but I have to admit I prefer to engage in meaningful conversation regarding topics of interest rather than “small talk” type chats! While I may not be as deeply introverted as described in Mr. Rauch’s article, I do dislike talking about myself. Thus, one finds an empty “bio” section on several of the sites listed on my Xeeme calling card. There are so many interesting and compelling topics to discuss!

So, this blog serves as my attempt to supply a “bio.” If you’re interested in long, in-depth conversation about a meaningful topic, you know where to find me . . . .



4 thoughts on “I, Introvert . . .”

  1. That’s it, as an introvert I can’t stand small talk but I live for deep, meaningful conversations. But I am shy too. People can mistake me for an extrovert sometimes as well, but I definitely need alone time to recharge.

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    1. I think everyone has a shy moment or two depending on the circumstances. I would wager if you asked family, they would probably say you are not shy! (LOL). The topic that I feel needs to be explored is: What happens when the introverts get together. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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