Once More With Feeling . . . .

The first cup . . . .

I woke up this morning with two things on my mind: My beloved first cup of coffee and once again tackling WordPress! I was hovering over the coffee pot wishing it to brew faster when all of a sudden, I heard a big “KABOOM.”

I walked to the kitchen window to see what could be seen and discovered only darkness, peace, and quiet in the back yard. So far, so good!! Coffee is ready!! I’ve got the notion of what I think will be a witty, interesting, and informative blog to produce so WordPress will cease nagging me whenever I happen to log in! (Smiles).

Armed with fresh coffee and a clean ashtray, I headed to my “office” (my petite desk in the living room) to get down to business! It was there I discovered the source of the “KABOOM!”

Continuing on to the front porch to “investigate” further, I learned there had been an automobile accident. From what I could discern, the driver of “Car A” hit the car parked in front of my neighbor’s home (“Car B”). Meanwhile, several neighbors had ventured out of their homes to join me in the “investigation,” and the sirens of the EMT vehicle and the accompanying fire truck alerted us they were on the scene.

Sensing the activity in front of my house was going to take some time, I decided to write this little piece instead of the witty, interesting, and informative blog I had planned to write!

Perhaps my muse will return when the sun rises! 🙂


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